I will offer storage solutions along the way – I always try to reuse what you already have as I don’t believe in buying more stuff when the idea is to streamline your belongings.

Organising and decluttering:

My favourite rooms to organise are kitchens and bedrooms. In the bedroom I want you to have a tranquil space and be able to find your clothes, shoes, watches and accessories at the drop of a hat. In the kitchen, everything that you use needs to be accessible and we will create space to help you. Vorganised won’t stop at the kitchen and the bedroom – I will declutter and organise any room in your home.

Paperwork and admin

This must be the top job that everyone hates tackling. I can help you go through the piles, folders, envelopes and help to arrange these into an orderly and systematic way and I will give you tips on how to maintain it going forward.

Home staging

This is a fantastic service if you are about to put your home up for sale. First impressions are essential and will determine if a potential buyer clicks through your selection of photographs or moves onto the next property. Then, I can work with you prior to moving day to help declutter and once you have the keys to your new home help you to unpack making the move as seamless as possible for you.

Moving home assistance

Moving has got to be the most stressful thing we do! Let me set up your new home, unpack the kitchen so you can get a cuppa the minute you walk in. I can unpack your clothes, kids toys.. you name it! This service works really well with Home Staging.

Virtual services

I offer 2 different types of online services. Option 1, where I work alongside you through zoom/skype/facetime and we work through the area together. This is a great option is you need a helping hand to get started. Option 2, you provide me with photographs or videos of the rooms or areas that you would like help with and I will provide you with a detailed report of suggestions, photographs and techniques that can be used to improve the area. This is brilliant if you are happy to complete this is your own time.


The NHS recognises hoarding as “A hoarding disorder is where someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner, usually resulting in unmanageable amounts of clutter. The items can be of little or no monetary value.

Hoarding is considered a significant problem if: the amount of clutter interferes with everyday living – for example, the person is unable to use their kitchen or bathroom and cannot access rooms or, the clutter is causing significant distress or negatively affecting the quality of life of the person or their family – for example, they become upset if someone tries to clear the clutter and their relationship suffers.

There are a several useful websites who can support Help for Hoarders and Hoarding UK ,Vorganised doesn’t work with hoarders but please do check APDO where you can search for a Professional Organiser by specialism.

APDO Verified

I am a verified member of APDO, the UK’s membership association for
decluttering and organising professionals. APDO sets standards, provides professional development and supports the growth of the industry.

Vorganise Your Home

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