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You invest in a hairdresser, a window cleaner and a valetter for your car. Using a home organiser is the same. I am there to offer you impartial support with an eye for efficiency and order. With such busy lives people use my services because they lack time, they are overwhelmed by the thought of tackling such jobs and sometimes my clients feel like they have a lack of control. Life changing events such as moving home, starting a family, a change of personal circumstances, a career move, transition to working from home, expanding a business all require some help setting up new systems. I provide advice on how to stay organised, I’ll give you information on helpful products and how to manage your space and your belongings. My end goal is to leave you with a space that you are happy with, can enjoy and use to its full potential.

You don’t need to tidy before I arrive, but it is worth preparing a few things: some cleaning products suitable for the area we will be working in. Consider what can be donated and where to. I normally wouldn’t recommend buying storage solutions before a session and this would be discussed in the home consultation.

Please don’t be! I love sorting out these spaces and I am here to help you organise your belongings. I will help you to create order and show you how to maintain it on a regular basis.

We will have established what you are looking to achieve from the home consultation. Vorganised will come prepared with a strategy and bagful’s of energy. Remember, what you keep is up to you. I provide advice on how to stay organised, I’ll give you information on helpful products and how to manage your space and your belongings. My end goal is to leave you with a space that you are happy with, can enjoy and use to its full potential.

This really depends on the space and contents of what we are organising and will be estimated during the home consultation. I have a minimum session time of 3 hours because this is what is needed to create an impact. In the session time we will allow time for decision making, relocating your belongings and tidying away afterwards. If it is a larger project that you want to tackle you need to be realistic about the time that it will take. In my experience it is always safer to book on generous the side than to be left with some homework once I have gone.

I will work with you or on my own. Most clients find it beneficial to work with me so that they can pick up tips and tricks along the way. If you are happy to let me work on my own, please be assured nothing will be recycled or donated without your agreement.

Absolutely not. The sessions are about you, your belongings and how you want to enjoy them. My clients have commented that they have found it easier making a decision when there is someone there with them rather than doing it by themselves.

Try not to worry about this. It is perfectly normal to have this reaction should we find something truly sentimental to you. I would encourage you to take a break and join me again when you are ready.

Everything will be tidied away at the end of the session. The only things you will be left with are items for recycling, repairing, dry cleaning, donating and a lovely organised space. When we start the session it will get messy whilst we are categorising and this is part of the process of working through everything!

I would encourage you to think about charities that you can donate to and people who you can pass hand me downs to. If possible, we try to find solutions to prevent items going to landfill. As a rule, I don’t remove belongings from your home but I can give you some suggestions about where to donate or send your things.

With your permission I will take some photographs. From my previous role as a VM I found that before and after photos really highlighted the difference between a well maintained space and one that hadn’t been cared for since my last visit. From the clients I have worked with in the past they have said that it has given them the motivation to keep on top of their spaces in their homes. With your permission I would use the photos from our session on social media and Vorganised.com to show future clients what we can do – you can of course stay anonymous or opt-out.

Yes and I can provide a copy of the certificate of insurance (upon request). I am a verified member of APDO, the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals. APDO sets standards, provides professional development and supports the growth of the industry.

Client confidence and confidentiality is very important to me. Please be assured that your details are held securely and your data will not be shared with anyone else. When working within your home anything that I see or hear will be kept strictly confidential. I am registered with the ICO ,have undertaken a GDPR certification and I have a clear DBS check (formally CRB).


Inline with government guidance, I will wear a face covering when in your home whilst maintaining good hygiene. I ask that clients maintain good ventilation in the work environment, for example keeping windows or doors open and adhere to social distancing where possible.

We have a duty of care towards one another to protect ourselves. If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid please do inform me as soon as possible.

Vorganise Your Home

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